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Massive or Miniature

Massive isn’t always best, especially in business. Yet most business owners strive to be the biggest the world has ever known. These business people believe everyone to be there customer. They market to the masses in hopes of catching whales but instead come home without even a minnow. There are giants out there that can […]

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The Interview

Have you been on a job interview lately? Or maybe even conducted a job interview lately? Not too many years ago, a job interview consisted of an interviewee preparing to be asked a bunch of questions which would qualify whether he was the right candidate for the job or not. Things related to his work […]

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I Quit

I quit! Seriously, I just can’t do this anymore. It is too hard to look at. It is too hard to passively participate in. It is too damaging to those around me. I don’t smoke and I rarely have a drink, so it’s not those types of things that I am quitting (though I have […]