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Quit Wanting and Just Do It

Last week I read a blog post regarding wantrepreneurs. In case you don’t know, wantrepreneurs are people who want to be entrepreneurs but never really go anywhere with it, or don’t succeed at it. We live in a business economy that has produced MANY successful entrepreneurs, which means it has produced even more wantrepreneurs. It is kind of […]

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“Yes I can do that. Of course I can provide what you need.” It happens all too often. Did you even think about what you said? Did you realize what you were doing? How could you? How could you lie right to your customer’s face? If you were to take a poll and ask the question […]

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Have You Been Fasting?

Fasting is typically known as a willing act of abstinence from certain or all foods, liquids, or both. As a Christian, this word and practice is familiar to me though I do not practice it very well. If you know me, you know I love food (junk food especially). This makes fasting extremely difficult, even […]