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Going Digital Makes Business Easy…But It Isn’t Easy

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Last week I wrote about the importance of effective time management in my business (and my life). And part of what has made my time management good has been the use of digital products and services. While going digital is a great idea and can make life a whole heck of a lot easier, it isn’t easy to do. Today I would like to share with you 5 areas of encouragement if you are considering using digital technology to help improve your business.

1. Do your research first – I don’t know how many times I have seen people buy some product, or subscribe to an online service, only to curse it out shortly thereafter because “IT” wasn’t working as they had hoped. By doing research ahead of time, you will know what you are buying before you buy it.

2. Take time to learn it – There are so many ways to implement technology into your business. A big mistake it implementing something into your daily routine right away, even before you have had time to learn what it is capable of and how you can best utilize it. Just like when you assemble a children’s toy or a piece of IKEA furniture, read the directions. You will be happy you did, and so will those who may be affected by your implementation disaster.

3. Don’t believe what “they” say – You know who “they” are right? “They” are the people everyone references when talking about recommendations or warnings. “They” will tell you what is best for you. But only you know the truth. So don’t implement something because I or anyone else says to. You have to believe the new technology will help your business or it just isn’t worth the investment.

4. Be willing to get uncomfortable – As I said in #2, some things take time to learn. And when learning, you may get uncomfortable with the new routine. Be willing to struggle in order to succeed. I’ll never forget my first month back after a year off of Crossfit. I hurt for many days and struggled with the movements. But six months later I am putting it together and succeeding in ways I never had before. Do the same in your business.

5. Ask for help – I say this often, for a very important reason. There is nothing new under the sun (see Ecl 1:9). There are those who have gone before you who can help answer questions, and even steer you in the right direction. Let them help. You can also Google search forums related to the technology you are looking at. It will be well worth the help.

In keeping this post short and sweet, let me close by saying this. I believe digital technology to be a primary necessity in effective time management, and really, business success in general. So whether you have tried and failed, or are yet to attempt it, let’s have a conversation and talk about what could make you more productive and more successful.



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  1. Marcy Hogan says:
    Ryan, this information was very timely and helpful, especially since my business depends on a technology-based product. I find my customers use the product much more effectively if they take the time to walk through the system with me and use the videos and tutorials available to them on the system.
  2. I get stuck in the research part a lot of times. When I was in banking I was comfortable with Salesforce, Goldmine, and proprietary Customer Relationship Management Software. One thing I learned is that each has it’s limitations. And like finding the right mate, not one solution will be perfect.

    I am now on my journey of moving from paper and spreadsheets to a CRM but finding one and taking the time to learn each of them is tough. I get trial versions to test things out on and sometimes the trial periods aren’t long enough. The ones I do like usually have been out of my budget. I’m sure there’s one I can work with but time is everything.

    • RJM says:
      Thanks Sherryl. I suggest Zoho for a great CRM. It will definitely take time for development and implementation, but it is worth it in the end.

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