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RJM Professional offers a unique value proposition in our industry.

When you use our services, you get a consultant with a sound training background, a skilled, fast program developer and a strong, captivating stand-up facilitator with an outstanding record of positive client evaluations. These positive evaluations have stemmed from a measurable increase in our clients’ sales revenue.

In a nutshell: RJM Professional creates the content, facilitates the content, and delivers the content in a relevant and engaging manner.


Many sales trainers, sales coaches, etc, etc, etc, enjoy their job because they love telling others what to do. It is a shame because it is basically an ego outlet. I have sat in on many a training sessions and made to feel that I was less than the person delivering the message. Individual personality definitely plays a role in this but in general, it’s just the way people who teach act.

So what makes me different?

  • I use wisdom and expertise I have gained to hone the skills my clients already posses but may not be displaying.
  • I seek first the success of others. I do not build a front-loaded plan or require a long term contract to protect my interests.
  • Honesty and integrity sit at the top of my content and delivery.


“When Christians work in the world, they will either assimilate into their culture and support the status quo or they will be agents of change. This is especially true in the area of work. Every culture works on the basis of a “map” of what is considered most important. If God and his grace are not at the center of a culture, then other things will be substituted as ultimate values. So every vocational field is distorted by idolatry.” Tim Keller, Every Good Endeavor

My KPI is God. Not that I perform for God, but that every practice of my professions flows from God and what He has called me to. I want to be an agent of change in my profession!


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