The goal of RJM Professional in speaking and group training is to provide timeless principles and lessons with individuals and organizations around the globe looking to live out leadership and grow their businesses.


Learn through topics on building and executing a sales strategy, identifying your unique value proposition, becoming a true leader, finding your ideal client, and integrating social media into your business. Connect with business leaders in related industries by attending our in-person engagements. Inspire your team, organization, or community by bringing RJM Professional to your next event. Below are some of the presentations I provide.


Identifying Your Unique Value Proposition

Identifying Your Unique Value Proposition will allow you to identify unique things your business does which will positively influence your client’s bottom or top line. This process involves determining what is unique in your business and how that uniqueness will positively effect your customer’s top or bottom line. This must be credible and measurable.


10 Tools for Sales Success

There is so much power in proper planning and strategic thinking. Too often I speak with sales people who do not have a plan, and many times it’s because the company they represent do not have a plan themselves. When we try and simplify a complex process like selling, we set ourselves up for failure.

So what will it take to be a successful sales person? If I could sum that up in a single word, I would be a genius. But I do have 10 tools that I believe are necessary to make any sales person successful. Join us for an upcoming presentation to learn more.


The Key to Your Success

The key to your success will address 5 key points to achieving success in a business. This presentation includes a great deal of audience interaction. The goal is to have each attendee identify who they are, what they can do, and what they need help with.


The 5 S’s of Business Success

There are 5 S-words crucial to success in business: Satisfaction, Sacrifice, Surprise, Suspense, and Secret. By defining each and implementing them properly, your prospects will see great value in your business.


Social Media for Your Business

Social media is generating millions of dollars in revenue for businesses across the world.
Has the world of digital media got you confused or is it too complicated to even understand or more importantly incorporate into your business?  Register for this series to learn how to get started in this digital age. We will cover platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, You Tube, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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