Group-CoachingGroup coaching provides an environment for dynamic and collaborative learning.

While individual coaching is effective in addressing specific areas of improvement for one person, group coaching provides an environment which allows multiple people to reap the benefits of a mapped out program while sharing the costs.

RJM Professional’s group coaching programs offer the following:

  • A regular phone or video coaching call in a group setting with your peers.
  • Worksheets for each call reviewing the specific topic and supporting the real life application.
  • Expert advice from someone on the front lines.
  • Regular email support.

RJM Group Coaching Programs

Building Your Business Right
Building the proper sales strategy for your business is one of the most important foundations for success. During this program, we will address: creating a documented sales process, identifying your target market, creating a unique value proposition, avoiding objections, overcoming objections, and closing the sale. This is 6 session program typically done over a 12 weeks period.

The Sales Professional
In business today, there are sales people everywhere selling everything. How you handle yourself and communicate your business are key to your success. During this program, we will help you to: become a professional networker, deliver high-impact presentations, set yourself apart from your competition, develop strategic partnerships, build a lasting brand, and say no to bad deals before it’s too late. This is a 6 session program typically done over 12 weeks.

Leading from the Middle
There are nine key principles every employee should know to effectively lead those around you in an organization. In doing so, you give yourself the best chance at success and the greatest opportunity for recognition. Topics will include: leading yourself, doing what others won’t, leading instead of managing, being prepared, and being your boss’ number 1. This is a 9 session program typically done over 18 weeks.

The Cost of Leadership
Being a leader comes at a price. How we deal with the ups and downs of leadership will demonstrate our lasting value within an organization. This program will address: the tension that comes with not being the main leader, the frustration of following an ineffective leader, eliminating your ego, supporting a vision that’s not yours, and influencing those around you. This is a 7 session program typically done over 14 weeks.

Custom topics
Do you have an area you would like to address in your business?
Do you have a personal hurdle you would like to overcome in a group setting?
Can I say something to your team that you have already said before, to give you another voice?
Can I say something to you team that you would like to say but cannot, to give you a needed voice?

If you would like to learn more about one of the above programs, see if there is an opening in an already schedule program, or discuss something specific to your business, please contact me or email me directly at You may also register at the link below to secure a spot right away.

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