RJM Professional offers business owners, sales managers and sales people the opportunity to achieve their sales goals through customized sales training.

Some areas that we may find beneficial to work with you on include:

Achieving Results, Not Completing Tasks
Quality of your sales calls and not the quantity of your sales calls is the key.

Identifying Your Unique Value Proposition
Set yourself apart from the competition so your customers see no competition.

Listening Effectively
Listen to hear what the customer needs instead of offering features and benefits.

Exposing Pain
Ask the right questions to uncover the customer’s pain and provide a real solution.

Delivering High Impact Presentations
Present to the specific need of your customer through innovative technology, effective marketing and a commanding presence.

Collaborating with Your Team
Use all the resources available to you to provide the most probable sales result.

Getting the Commitment
Never leave a sales call empty handed.

Advancing the Sale
Build on a series of calls to create value and rapport.

Managing Your Strategy
Maximize your revenue through ongoing analysis and account management.

If you are looking for highly effective training for your sales team, contact RJM to set up a consultation and determine the best track for your business.