The best way to get to know the truth behind a business partner is to hear from their current and past clients. And while everyone likes to publish their best experiences, you will see from some of the below testimonials that the message is consistent.


“Ryan has been an invaluable asset to our real estate team over the past year. We had initially hired Ryan to assist us in some marketing strategies. Through our initial meetings, he was able to see some glaring areas of need in our organizational structure and systems. He has helped us map and identify these systems which has resulted in efficiency, clarity, and profitability. He continues to meet with us on a weekly basis while always being available via phone or email as needed at any time. He has also consulted with us (and trained members of our team) on our social media, web presence, and branding as well. I consider Ryan to be an important member of our team and would recommend him highly.”
Jonathan Pearson, Partner, Radiant Property Group


“Ryan Miller has enabled me to think bigger and do more in a very short period of time. He’s passionate, yet grounded, and continues to help me see the molehills I make into mountains. I highly recommend him to any business in need of lofty sales thinking and actionable strategies.”
John Welches, President, J Welches & Associates


“For anyone looking for professional sales training and coaching, look no further. There is but one person to contact – and that would be Ryan Miller. Ryan is the best of the best. Professional sales coaching is a very involved process. It is NOT delivering a motivational speech to dispirited sales people. A good coach will utilize motivational talks; however, it is much more. Like any good coach, your plan must have the following: a proven process, the ability to instruct it, the ability to coach it (instruction and coaching are different), the ability to identify where sales people miss the process, the ability to positively reinforce the correct performance, and the ability to motivate and so on. Ryan Miller is one of the very few that “get it.” Ryan has the ability to turn-around a sales team or take a good sales team to an even higher level. Whether it is one-on-one coaching or team coaching, Ryan does it all. In addition, Ryan is also adeptly expert at identifying the proper strategy for lead generation and lead conversion. It is not enough to know who your customer is – but strategically identifying the best way to put your sales team in front of qualified prospects. I can’t say enough about Ryan, his professionalism, integrity, expertise, and so on. Contact him today! Your bottom line depends on your top line. Hiring Ryan is a “slam dunk” decision!”
Ken Moll, President at Blue Elevator


“Ryan is a dynamic speaker with great energy. He delivers information packed presentations while keeping the audience engaged and involved. Ryan is an expert in his field and displays a great deal of creativity when speaking to a group. I would certainly recommend Ryan for any large or small group sales or business training, one on one coaching, or on-going training for your sales and business development staff.”
Michelle Kruse, Director of Membership and Marketing at Building Industry Association


“Ryan’s approach to coaching and sales solutions is different than most. While most people with his expertise will quickly come up with a solution, present you with a canned solution, or appear overly confident without really understanding your needs, Ryan takes the time to listen. I’ve known Ryan for 4 years now and have watched him in action. If you’re looking for someone who:
– Explains things clearly
– Is honest with you
– Is down to earth and real
– Is responsive to you
– Works with you to create challenging yet reachable milestones
– Will help you see you or your teams value
– Will tailor a plan to meet your specific needs then Ryan’s your man.
If he isn’t the right fit, I’ve seen him tell someone that. You don’t see that very often.”
Sherryl Anderson, CEO/Creative Director at Night Owl Bay


For additional references or to speak with one of my past or current clients, please feel free to contact me.