5 Ways to Attract Prospects and Keep Them InterestedDo you know what it will take to attract prospects…and keep them interested?
Honestly, some of these things are so simple, but are too often overlooked. It’s all about clarity and consistency, so here you go!

1. Create a Process
You need to create an amazing process that will enable success for your team. Make sure that it can be repeated and measured. This process (I call mine the 21 Day Prospect Pursuit) should include a variety of contact methods.

2. Don’t Use Lame or Cheesy Email Tactics
Create a professional look at feel to your email campaigns. Make sure the content (both graphic and text) is professional, and make it compelling enough that someone wants more of what you have. Quit talking about yourself and address the needs of your audience.

3. Track Your Activity
If you aren’t able to determine who is engaging your content, you might as well quit doing it. Technology is too smart for you to not be taking advantage of it. Use your tracking efforts to learn about your audience and distribute more relevant and valuable content (see #2 above).

4. Follow Through
Use a task app, to-do list, or CRM to keep track of follow up. You do not want to let a single prospect fall by the wayside. And this isn’t just for the loss of revenue, but also the loss of credibility (which is a lot more valuable in the long run).

5. Measure Results
What is the point of all the work you are doing if you don’t know whether it is working or not? Make sure you are regularly (at least once per week) reviewing your sales efforts and then be prepared to double down or pivot.

By putting these 5 things to great use, you will begin attracting (more) prospects…and you will keep them interested. Quit wasting your efforts (time and money). It’s about time you start getting paid for all that you have invested into your business!