hand drawing idea board of business strategy process

As “driven” individuals, we often want to get right to work. When we start a new job, we are rearing to get at it. When we have an opportunity come before us, we jump on top of it. It is so tempting to get right to the issue, especially when we (think) we have the right answer(s).

What many people do not seem to understand is that in order to succeed we need to follow a process. Think about it. If you are going to cook a meal, you don’t put a bunch of unmixed, unmeasured ingredients in the oven. If you want to build a house, you need to frame first because putting a roof on top of dirt doesn’t seem to make much sense.

Is your business running without processes? Or is your sales team running with a broken process? Let me offer you a few quick tips on building the ultimate sales process:

  • Identify every step necessary from lead acquisition to order fulfillment.
  • Identify every person necessary to fulfill that process.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the above people.
  • Understand when your customer fits into that process and how their needs could affect your process.
  • Think through various past sales transactions and fit them into your process. Would they have been more successful or less successful had you followed every step?

It’s not about whether or not you need a process. More importantly, it’s whether you have built the ultimate sales process for your business.


I am looking to launch a small group coaching series on “Building the Ultimate Sales Process”. It would be bi-weekly for 12 weeks, with 3 or 4 people per group, run virtually or in-person. In the end, you would have the framework and practical application for building the ultimate sales process for your specific business. I can only do 2 of these groups, and would like to launch them soon.

If you are interested, follow this LINK to request more info, and receive a FREE download on The 10 Tools for Sales Success.