How Do You See YourselfThis question was posed earlier today by a sales professional I follow and it triggered a series of thoughts throughout the day for me. Below I share his question and my response.

His question on FB
“You don’t have to answer this publicly for obvious reasons but do you believe in yourself? Did you always or did someone see a light in you, that you, yourself, failed to see? Perhaps someone else is in need of that encouragement. Someone you know, someone you come in contact with. Keep your eyes and ears open and give someone that gift today. Someone took the time to show me my light many years ago and it changed my life for the better.”

My response to his post
I used to think I believed in myself until one day, after much success, I realized that I believed in what I was accomplishing and not in me as a person. Through much personal trial, I found Jesus Christ and that gave me a new perspective on my whole life. Personally, it saved my marriage and family. Professionally, it gave me a whole new perspective to success, desire, and drive. I serve people and seek to bring them success through the same lens I now see. It’s not always about the numbers (though extremely important) but more about how you achieve it.

So what about you? Do you believe in yourself? Who/what has been of influence to help you believe?  How does this perception of yourself dictate the success you experience in business?

I would really like to hear from you so please respond in the comments below.

Oh, and don’t be ashamed. What stood out most to me was his mention of “not sharing for obvious reasons.” You, I, we need to share our experiences and our struggles and our successes because every one of them is a blessing to someone else!