RJM Educate Sales Training

Sales is a very dynamic process. Not only does it change with the times, but it changes with the industry, provider, salesperson, strategy, customer, goal, and more.


I am not sure of a better way to stay on top of the ever-changing dynamics than to be involved in continuing education, more accurately labeled “sales training” in our industry. I have been in some great programs during my seventeen year sales career, and I have been in some awful programs during that time. What determines that statement for me is typically a combination of how I felt during the training (content) and how easy it was to see results once I applied it in a live environment (application). The good ones have helped me to grow into a better sales person, business owner, and industry leader.

A great thing that has happened over time with sales training is the increase in availability, the reduction in cost, and the ease of accessibility. I participate in online training sessions and it works well for me because the resources are there, the cost is fairly low (for good stuff), and I can do it from the comfort of my office chair (or couch). With that thought, and the fact that I believe I have great content to share with my audience, I created a nine session online sales training series labeled RJM Educate. But I wanted to do more than just offer an online video presentation to watch.

RJM Educate offers a forty five to sixty minute video session each month along with a supporting worksheet. But I didn’t want to stop there. What if someone got stuck trying to apply my tools? I didn’t want to leave them hanging. So I decided to throw in follow up email support. This way, discussions can be had to walk them through the process and prevent the let down. What about topics? Check them out below.

  • Session 1 – Achieving Results, Not Completing Tasks (it’s about quality, not quantity)
  • Session 2 – Identifying Your Unique Value Proposition (set yourself apart)
  • Session 3 – Listening Effectively (hear and don’t tell)
  • Session 4 – Exposing Pain (uncover the real need)
  • Session 5 – Delivering High Impact Presentations (present to the specific need)
  • Session 6 – Collaborating With the Team (use all resources for the most profitable result)
  • Session 7 – Getting the Commitment (never leave empty handed)
  • Session 8 – Advancing the Sale (create value and rapport)
  • Session 9 – Managing Your Strategy (maximize revenue through analysis and management)

With what I have mentioned so far, I have definitely satisfied two of the struggles I had as a rep, content and application. The third thing I thought may be important was cost. I considered many options but when it came down to it, I wanted this to be affordable to everyone so I hit it head on. The entire program is being offered for $97.00. I am confident any employed salesperson can afford $97.00 for nine months worth of content.

So I shared with you what’s important to me and how I delivered. But what about you? Are these things just as important? Share with me here your thoughts. And if you or someone you know is interested in this program, follow the link below and sign up today. The sessions are ready and you can begin at any time. The only problem with waiting is that you are costing yourself sales success!


RJM Educate Online Sessions