No matter how many different things you try and do, the root of your problem will always be the root of your problem.

A terrible (and regularly unsuccessful) recurring theme in businesses that cannot grow sales is the act of adding more to the mess. 

  1. Hire more sales people (fire the old)
  2. Role out a new marketing message
  3. Create more work
  4. Build on processes
  5. Introduce new products
  6. Add new people (production, management, executives)
Is it at all possible to think that the company you built that was at one time successful could be successful again with what you had to start with? Before you muddy the waters or destroy what you worked so hard to build, think about revitalization.


The root problem of most companies that cannot grow sales is their sales support and development. 


Give your sales people a chance to succeed. Offer them the ability to brush up some skills with sales training even if they have done it in the past. Focus on the basics to get them back to what made them successful again.


Provide your sales manager with some outside consulting to help that person see what they may be missing because of the one track mind we all so easily fall victim to.


Both of these can be low cost investments to getting your revenue where it needs to be. All the other stuff may be good, but doesn’t have a chance without a sales team firing on all cylinders.