It’s a phrase we hear all the time right?

You can trust me!








If I had a dollar for every time a sales person gave me a variation of that phrase, I wouldn’t be writing this blog because I would be vacationing permanently. You see, it used to be very easy for sales people to use that phrase to suck clients in. But now things have changed. Now everybody is leery of everyone and everything.

That’s a good things right?

I say wrong because that is truly how I operate as a businessman. My honesty and integrity are first and foremost when handling a prospect or client but because so many people before me have ruined it, I have to work twice as hard to even get a shot to show people.

So what do I (we) do to prove that we can be trustworthy?

  1. Tell the truth, ALWAYS!
  2. Show up when our clients needs us, even if it’s an inconvenient time.
  3. Tell the truth, even when it’s easier to lie.
  4. Keep a promise even when we have a way out.
  5. Tell the truth, even when the client lies to us.
  6. Go above and beyond, even when they don’t deserve it
  7. Tell the truth, ALWAYS!

Every struggle or challenge with a client provides a new opportunity to gain more trust. If you want to be the best sales driven organization, trust is a necessity you can never have too much of!