handshakeEvery business needs to create content and distribute it throughout all of their marketing channels…website, social media, carrier pigeon, and more. And often the goal? To grow your subscribers, fans, and followers to new heights so more and more people read your content. But that goal isn’t a great one, well at least not in and of itself.

The goal is content marketing should ALWAYS be conversion. Conversion is the only way we will succeed in business. There is too much content produced which will never convert. So what will it take to create great content that converts? Here are a few tips:

    1. Your topic must solve a problem. Your audience, whoever that is, is looking for a solution to their problem(s). You must know what problem(s) they have so do your research. Check the web, social media, and interview your existing clients. They will buy if you have the solution.
    2. Put your heart into it. Seriously, provide content on things you are passionate about. A half-hearted piece will produce a half-hearted response. And half a heart produces no love! You need to produce sales, and great content leads in that direction.
    3. Offer substance. Don’t dangle a carrot in front of your clients, attempting to bait them into something more. Give your audience something they can run with. The more value you provide, the more necessary they will believe you to be. You should rarely sell yourself in your content distribution.
    4. Be the expert. Make sure you speak to what you know…well! Don’t fake it or copy what already exists if you are just trying to distribute content. Be the expert in your field and people will be asking to buy from you.
    5. Your content isn’t the end. Your content is early in the sales funnel. You create content to build a long lasting relationship. You create content that causes another action. Whether you call for your prospects to pick up the phone or hit your landing page, make sure you are building on a series of contact points. Great companies are in it for the long haul, and not looking for a one and done sale.

I admit that content strategy and distribution is not my expertise. But I am passionate about it because great content converts and as a sales guy, I’m all about sales conversion. If you’d like to talk with a content expert, call my close friend and colleague John Welches with Red Mallard. He will blow your mind with all the great ways to use content to convert prospects in customers!


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