simple-sixtyHave you ever purchased a new car (whether brand new or new to you) and then noticed that same car everywhere? Before you purchased, you rarely saw them but now it’s as if a few thousand people in your area bought the same car on the same day as you.

As improbable as that scenario is, it does give us great indication of our senses. It shows us that once we make ourselves aware of something, we become much more aware of it (Captain Obvious right?). This happened to me recently as I began working with a new client, Veracity Colab. Veracity is a video marketing agency pumping out some amazing material. They not only create the video, but they handle all scripting and production. So now that I am working with Veracity, I am noticing video or the lack of video in people’s marketing efforts everywhere I turn.

Entrepreneur magazine called video the “Holy Grail of Online Marketing.” It’s no longer a question of if you need video, but how often and where you should be using it. Unfortunately, I am not an expert in this area. But I can shed light on a few reasons why it’s so important

  1. Your clients spend more time on video than any other medium.
    • 4 billion Youtube views a day.
    • Almost 80% of the population view 1 video per week.
    • Over 50% of the population view 1 video per day.
  2. Video has the potential to be an SEO monster.
    • With the right SEO strategy, video can propel your website rankings to the top.
  3. Video provides education, entertainment, and inspiration.
    • We have all been driven to new heights or brought to tears with a video and this is because we engage in a greater way when we view great content.
  4. Video can be measured.
    • You are able to determine who watched, when they watched, for how long they watched, and what they did next. This is a marketers dream!

Video is definitely not as simple as shooting a 30 second selfie with your cell phone. It requires great content, top-notch production, and effective distribution. But do not let that overwhelm you. A great quote from the above linked Entrepreneur magazine article says, “As it turns out, the means for effective storytelling no longer resides exclusively within your four walls. Outsourcing for the creativity, production value and distribution you need to compete in the age of video makes sense now more than ever before.”

Below is a link to what I feel is one of the best video options available without breaking the bank.

Simple Sixty Video

Oh, and by the way, don’t fall into the low-cost video solutions phenomena. It is a poor representation of you and your brand that hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people will see.