unique-sphere-shows-standing-outIn today’s competitive landscape, standing out amongst the crowd might seem tough. But there are some really simple things you can start doing today to gain an advantage above the competition:

  1. Make them feel good. You know that one person in your social circle? The one who always knows how to turn a frown in to a smile, a bad day in to a good one, and just with their presence makes you happy and at ease? Be that person. There’s this little tip I heard once a long time ago that’s stuck with me: Greet every person you meet as if they’re wearing a sign that says, “Make me feel good!” Now go out there and make someone’s day. It never hurts.
  2. Mind your manners. Old- fashioned thank you notes, a birthday card, or a simple “Congratulations!” when your client lands a big deal.  These simple gestures show your prospects a few things: You notice. You care. And you’re not going anywhere.
  3. Show some face time. If you’ve read some of my other blog posts, you know I’m a big fan of LinkedIn for developing new business and keeping in touch with clients. However, too many are forgetting about the importance of connecting with their prospects face- to- face. Get out to as many networking and industry events as you can. It could be the one factor distinguishing you from the competition.
  4. Be a connector. Put your clients in touch with other businesses or potential clients of their own. It might seem like you’re not gaining anything (immediately, at least) from this transaction, but you’re developing something the other guys aren’t: trust. Help people out every now and then without helping yourself. It will surely come back around.
  5. Check-in. Know what’s going on with your prospects even if you’re sure it won’t result in a transaction. Again, it never hurts. You might gain some new industry knowledge or identify a potential opportunity ahead of your competition.

These are just a few things that have worked for me and that I teach my clients. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment box.