When it comes to working out, insanity can be great. They have even named a fitness brand after it (Check out Shaun T). If you aren’t familiar, the definition of insanity can be said as basically doing the same thing while looking for different results. When training your body this can work (to some degree). But when it comes to your business, insanity does not!

You ever wonder why your sales growth is non-existent? Or worse yet, going backwards? Are you down on your sales people because their activity isn’t where it should be or they aren’t including all the value added services. Maybe it is time to start looking at yourself? At your leadership and guidance. All the activity in the world and throwing every offering at your market isn’t the answer.

When sales revenue isn’t where it should be, I suggest it is time to look at your approach. Change your strategy. Freshen up your team by giving them new tools, new guidance, and a new outlook on how to get to where you want them to be. Bring in a sales trainer or consultant to keep you from going insane!