In meeting with a prospective client the other day, something that stood out to me was the lack of focus. When starting a new business or leading sales people, it is easy for this to happen.

For the new business owner, you have so many great ideas. There are multiple target markets, multiple products and services to sell into them, and multiple needs within your business such as employees, equipment and the such. And though you can quantify good revenue opportunities or cost-savings in each area, you must harness them to one at a time.

The same goes for leading sales people. The directive comes down the ladder to implement these new products and/or services so you throw them all out there at once. But instead of giving yourself new revenue opportunities, you may have just created confusion or disinterest. Too much at once isn’t always a good thing.

So what do you do?

Identify your goal(s). Once you have identified your goal(s), determine which ideas/procedures/directives will allow you to most efficiently and effectively accomplish your goals and attack them one at a time. This will give you (and everyone involved) the best chance at accomplishing your goal(s). And if multiple things need to be addressed to reach your goal(s), set a timeline in place so each piece is accomplished in the necessary order.

We live in a world of instant gratification but don’t always think about the repercussions of this chase.

Slow down, build a plan and focus. You will thank me in the long run!