Did I just say that? It is possible that I can have something reasonable to follow that? Most times what follows “quit working harder” is some diet scheme or get rich quick idea. Well not from me!

My idea is actually much more simple and practical. I recently met a gentleman who is working harder than many to build a sales pipeline, follow up on that pipeline and schedule appointments to close prospects in that pipeline. But the end result is no sales. As I sat and listened, two things quickly came to mind. Is his sales methodology incorrect or is he working too hard on the wrong things?

Incorrect sales practices can definitely hinder performance and I strongly believe you should have proper training and maintain that training to be an effective sales person. But more often the issue is sales people are working too hard on the many instead of focusing on the few. You need to evaluate your list.

  • Are your prospects right for you?
  • Will they actually buy?
  • What is your return on investment (closed sale vs time spent).

Are you stuck in a holding pattern? Do you need some outside advice?