Trending, the term is so overplayed. But more than overplayed, I say it is over pursued. On Twitter when a topic is trending it means that whatever topic it may be (#KingsStanleyCup or #Election2012), it is the most talked about. So in order to get tweets noticed people will add this to the end of their tweet, no matter how irrelevant, just to be seen. A little silly but not the biggest of deals. But what about when it comes to your business?

You see everyone jumping on the social media bandwagon since the popularity of Facebook (actually Myspace) began. Platform after platform have been created to get their piece of the pie. The issue is that with everyone new platform (less a small minority) the effectiveness and popularity of said new platform is reduced. Don’t let your business fall into this trap.

I have mentioned many times that you should focus on the few (Quit Working Harder). I consult my clients to find the few things they are good at and stick to them. You don’t always have to be on the cutting edge. By trying to do this you will constantly be chasing your tail. It will cost your business a lot of time and valuable resources with very little chance of solid return. Practice and perfect the present so you are prepared for the future.